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This review may contain spoilers.

Gage Clift is without a doubt one of my favourite directors and someone I can watch for hours. I just love the guy so much. 

This film really hit me hard and I was always a little scared to watch it because of that. It managed to exceed my expectations as I not only teared up, I laughed surprisingly. The Oscar segments were rather funny and poignant. The part I struggle with the most is the phone calls of course. A lot of them being a little too relatable for me. I recently had a falling out with my best friend and my father and I have always had a difficult relationship as he’s tended to be more of a friend than a father. So seeing these get acted out hit very much to home and made an already touchy subject for the film, even more difficult to watch. The raw nature of all the dialogue feels very authentic and captivating. There wasn’t any moment where I was spacing out, I felt totally enthralled.

Gage perfectly executes everything that he’s trying to do with this film beautifully. The colours and shifting aspect ratios further solidify how wonderfully well-made this film is and how impressively written it is. This is certainly his masterpiece and I don’t know if he’ll ever top it. I’m beyond excited for his next film as everything he’s done has been great and inspiring. Gage has been someone I’ve enjoyed thoroughly through his career and I’ve been following him since his reviews on YouTube. I especially loved his blu-ray collection video. Every time he releases a new film I get excited and while I may have missed a few on their release dates, I always catch up as they’ve always been consistently great.

I hope someday to maybe purchase the poster for this film and Vine Avenue, even bigger hope to maybe get them signed somehow. Gage just seems like a lovely man to hopefully meet one day. I’d love shake his hand and thank him for all he’s done. This film and  A Theatre Near You, have struck me on a very emotional cord and have honestly helped me through some really tough times I’ve been going through lately. I still remember watching Living With Trevor the week it came out and counting the days for Vine Avenue. Gage, I will always support you as you’ve been a true inspiration for me and I can’t wait to see everything you do in the future.

Everyone, if you have the time, please go check out one of his shorts. They’re all great and mean a lot to me.

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