The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster ★★★½

"Life is a circle. We shall meet again."

This movie goes raw. Pure, unfiltered 80s cheesiness in all it's glory. This movie has everything: a fetus transference, occult rituals, a revenge plot, animal telepathy, using said animal telepathy to seduce women, a long lost heir plot, sword fights, magic, romance, crazy stunts and effects, weird rapey scenes, a tiger painted black because panthers are hard to train, heroic sacrifice, and Rip Torn. I had a ball watching this awesome madness unfold, even if it is slow at times. This movie looks and feels like the stories behind heavy metal album cover art. The Beastmaster is pure, and there's not a lot of movies I can say that about. Well worth tracking down and watching.

So bad it's good.

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