Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★

A melancholy examination of disillusionment with adulthood and growing up, Kiki's Delivery Service is a coming-of-age-story that is so grounded in reality that you almost forget that it's the story of a teenage witch moving out on her own. While whimsical, it branches out and puts its toes into darker territory. It's really incredible to see an animated film where the main character goes through the real anxieties of growing up: how to make money, where to live, how to deal with mental illness and the fact that independence and adulthood are way less glamourous in real life than any kid imagines these things to be. I can't think of too many other movies that reflect on that moment you realize you're an adult and you're on your own and all the joy and sorrow that comes with that better than this movie. I do have to say the external conflicts feel very forced, and the ending is a little too sudden and tries to wrap things up too neatly for my own personal tastes, and it's definitely not one of Miyazaki's bests, but this movie deserves the following and love it gets.

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