The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

“Now remember for whom you shed your last tear drop”

Robert Eggers’ brutal The Northman is a satisfying Viking revenge tale inspired by a Scandinavian legend, putting great effort into many impressive sequences and it’s mythical world building with amazing visuals and scope. Although much of the film is dedicated to violent action and character exploration, it’s really at its best when it’s able to indulge in more experimental moments; full of really compelling imagery and fascinating scenes that stand out more than the overall narrative, and excellently believable performances - particularly from Anya Taylor-Joy. It may not quite live up to the hype and at times unfortunately starts to drag a little, but ultimately it’s another really solid movie from Eggers; showcasing his vision and talent even when working on a much larger budget and scale.  

Side Note: Björk slay

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