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This review may contain spoilers.

You watch as the main character, Brandon, navigates through his sex-filled life. He is a handsome, successful guy in his 30s who views women as sexual conquests. The arrival of his aloof sister throws his world into chaos and he feels angry with her nosing into his business. There is an uncomfortable family dynamic with hints of a dark past. After he pursues a co-worker and fails to keep himself aroused around her, he feels the need to call in a prostitute to finish the job and stumbles down a path of depravity towards the end of the movie. The pain on his face when he is in the sexual act conveys how trapped he feels in his addiction. It is a never-ending cycle that nearly destroys all of his relationships.

This is such a brilliant directorial effort by Steve McQueen and superb acting by Michael Fassbender as well as the rest of the cast. On par with Hunger, which came out a few years before. Wish that McQueen made more movies like these!

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