• The Barefoot Contessa

    The Barefoot Contessa

    damn this bitch really just got moved to tears by this movie's ending????

  • Portrait of Jennie

    Portrait of Jennie


    it sucks whenever i watch something rly emotionally moving cuz i wanna chase that high but almost nothing will satisfy the same feeling cuz great art/forming a genuine for real serious emotional connection to something is rare & fleeting in my experience also maybe i should let the feeling linger & live in its moment & not be greedy begging for more more more but how does one do this. i wanna feel good all the time! i mean this feels a little…

  • Sinful Intrigue

    Sinful Intrigue

    this sucked for sure but theres like three separate scenes of this woman trying to chop vegetables which "sent me" as the kids(?) say cuz she in my estimation had obviously never cut a carrot like even once before in her life its like the director said hey becky we're gonna need u to do some slicing and dicing for filler and she mustve been so scared cuz it was brand new situation for her and u can tell! becky…

  • Rest Area

    Rest Area

    i like when the full size adult man on the poster does a flashback scene where he says he's 12.5 years old. that is literally me lying about my age when i wanna trick annoying ppl on this website

  • Never Been Kissed

    Never Been Kissed

    i realized on this rewatch if u take this as a light dramedy abt a young womans self-actualization journey it's pretty good. not great but pretty good! if watched as a romcom it's so fucking gross on so many levels it's enough to make yr head explode from shock and disgust. i like being shocked and disgusted so that's fine for me but thats a judgment call other people have to make, i can't do that for you! i dont…

  • The Wedding Singer

    The Wedding Singer

    it's a shame whenever i watch an adam sandler movie im subjected to the supporting cast which is all of many his unpleasant friends who cant really act like maybe theyre funny outside of movies (i doubt it personally but u never know) but im comfortable saying def not in them imo but whatever i can ignore them cuz they dont matter and drew & adam have such wonderful chemistry together this movie coasts solely on that!! sooooo unbelievably charming. one…

  • Angus



    i was feeling a lil tender last night cuz its like i just slipped back into my body after a long time away, like in a good way, i wanted to watch something that elicits big feelings and this is one my big feelings movies. i adore it!!!! i love angus!!!! i love how clearly they understand the pain of being a (fat) outsider especially at that age when you're already so sensitive and prone to alienation. i really think…

  • Oddly Coupled

    Oddly Coupled

    ok i know the horny sex obsessed big bitch is a joke character like the floor trembling as she runs across the room to accost a man in a rather sexual manner isn't really a hilarious joke imo but i def love her. i will take this movie literally and say i think its brave for a fat woman to be a sex harasser/borderline rapist, honestly i believe that and you should take me seriously because i mean everything i…

  • Girls About Town

    Girls About Town

    pretending to drown yourself for attention is incredibly cool & hilarious. i love girlish ANTICS!

  • Mallrats


    oh i literally would've been in love with jason lee if i had ever seen this as a teenager. like i would've really believed with my whole heart das the perfect man??? a immature dirtbag fuckup lol

  • Pearl


    i dont know i kinda think i'm watching genre get gentrified by a lazy hack in real time with these movies? i never used to HATE ti west like this but between x and pearl im totally convinced hes a talentless moron who got rly lucky tricking people into giving him money to make slop. but that's film baby! honestly "talentless moron" probably isn't fully accurate i appreciate that this is very... classically cinematic in the way i think about…

  • Murder Party

    Murder Party


    honestlyyyyyyyyyy i think a small gift of adulthood is being able to revisit formative things that made u happy at different stages in yr life & being able to commune with yr younger self but this time with compassion & love for who u were and who you would become, a way too tender extremely fragile woman in her 30s who has been depressed & grieving for ten months and who now has covid on halloween!!!!!!! typing that out i just realized i…