• 20 Minutes to Go

    20 Minutes to Go

    holy shit??? a 50 minute children of god recruitment tape of pathologically insane story in song?? u might remember children of god from the entire phoenix family or rose mcgowan or the guy who murder-suicided his abuser and himself so i mean like obviously it's not great that a sex cult that preyed (preys? they're still around!) on children in order to rape and impregnate them made a series of interconnected music videos that would have appealed to likely mtv-deprived…

  • Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night

    Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night

    watching immortal kiss after not having seen a david decoteau movie in months and polishing off all the 1313s in one go last year (like a fucking idiot) instead of savoring them (like a brain genius)...... that's what i like 2 call a triumphant return to my spiritual home!! big swole hot guys enter this house, introduce themselves, work out, shower wetly sans soap, wander around the manse, n writhe clotheslessly in bed and ur an idiot if you don't think that's one of cinema's greatest gifts. i love david so much!!!!

  • Urban Nightmare

    Urban Nightmare

    this was so much better than watching stupid boring ass paul naschy dracula bullshit idk why i try to play myself and pretend i like other shit that fucken sucks i'd watch a thousand urban nightmares over tedious horny little euro vamps

  • Count Dracula's Great Love

    Count Dracula's Great Love

    this was so boring i felt like i was going to die!

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    they should do one of these starring real housewives and real housewives only tbh imo

  • Beauty Queen Butcher

    Beauty Queen Butcher


    finally a movie that understands skinny bitches deserve to be killed for their crimes against fat womanity! im just being 😜 silley heha 🤪 advocating for the murder of thin women even tho its actually a literal core tenant of my personal belief system that i would never act on it but that's just why its so rewarding to see a fellow big bitch butcher her hideous tormenters! a spiritual successor to the death nurse crazy fat ethel herself mayhaps?…

  • Satanism Unmasked: The Return Part 2

    Satanism Unmasked: The Return Part 2

    i forgot to mention in the sitcom portion of the fire by nite variety show of which this is an episode not only do blaine bartel and his then wife play siblings they're also coded as teenagers despite being well into their 20s, perhaps approaching their full 30s? which isn't THAT absurd considering traditional sitcom casting it's just like a christian 28 is like a regular 43, imo. i'm no mathematician or age scientist i just know this to be…

  • Satanism Unmasked: The Return Part 1

    Satanism Unmasked: The Return Part 1

    there will be a day that 2 live crew gets on their knee and says jesus is lord!

  • Halloween: Resurrection

    Halloween: Resurrection

    as a killer shark in baggy ass overalls i really take umbrage at this wildly misrepresentative characterization of my people

  • Satanism Unmasked Part 2

    Satanism Unmasked Part 2

    fire by nite was a mail-order xtian variety sh0w featuring an in-show sitcom, comedy skits, musical performances/videos, and interviews with prominent christians. this 2 part episode featured convicted murderer sean sellers who was executed for a crime he committed when he was 17, lauren "satan's underground" stratford who after being discredited as a victim of satanic ritual abuse decided to claim she was a holocaust survivor instead! fun!, and christian standup comic mike warnke who also wrote multiple discredited yet…

  • Satanism Unmasked Part 1

    Satanism Unmasked Part 1

    i find myself becoming quite the born again aficionado of christian satanic panic comedy!

  • Satanism Unmasked

    Satanism Unmasked

    love a grown man yelling shit like WHAT DO YOU CALL IT WHEN CHILDREN GRAVITATE TOWARD NINJA TURTLES? (satanism, obviously!) everyone LAUGHED when he said YOUR MAILMAN MIGHT BE A SATANIST! (but he WASn't really well he might as well be if he doesn't let jesus into his heart!) I'M NOT OUT TO GET THE SATANISTS! I'M OUT TO GET SATAN! lots of wild stuff in this, ofc. i misnamed it when i added it to tmdb b/c apparently none of these evangelical psychos got creative naming their satanic panic specials and it's slow as hell to update but it's this one!