Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★

I’m not going to lie. Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the most insane and ridiculously bonkers pieces of media I have ever consumed. I’m in shock honestly at what I just witnessed.
 Even Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is crazy in it’s own right, pales in comparison to the downright lunacy that transpires here.

Adam Wingard goes completely ham. Bombarding our poor senses with an overdose of bright 80’s esque neon aesthetic, heavy metal fantasy imagery, synth music, Godzilla laser attacks, and an assload of senseless CGI destruction.
 “A bit much,” would be a massive understatement in describing the atmosphere and tone that this thing is trying to go for.

But despite all the overload, I found myself kind of strangely impressed? I mean I was never bored while watching. All the neon lighting is pretty colourful and cool to look at. The monster fights are epically over the top, with tons of glorious destruction. There is a lot of delightfully strange and trippy sequences such as the one where they go through a “wormhole???” in a “inverse gravity ship” to get to the hollow earth.
 Also Kong gets a big axe. Yes you heard that right, King Kong wields a massive glowing axe like the gamer he is.

As is expected, like in the previous Godzilla movies, the underwritten and boring human characters are the weakest part. Although I will give this movie credit in that they do try to be more lively and animated in this one, with Bryan Tyree Henry especially standing out, actually giving a great performance as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. 

Is this movie going to change your life? Probably not. 
 Is it going to immerse you in its deep story and well rounded characters? Not at all. 
 Is it going to entertain you?
 Well you do get to go see the hollow earth and a nuclear dinosaur that shoots laser beams and a muscular axe-wielding monkey beat the piss out of each other to synth music while Hong Kong gets utterly decimated.
 So, uh... Maybe?

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