"I'm going to give them the gayest movie ever made": An oral history of Another Gay Movie

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Fifteen years later, Another Gay Movie is the definition of a cult comedy. A low-budget, crass parody, it was never meant to break through to a mainstream audience, but the viewers it did reach fell in love with it—except for the ones that hated it. Tasteless or not, Another Gay Movie was groundbreaking in its depiction of the messy sex lives of gay men, and its frankness has made it a defining (and educational!) viewing experience for young viewers in the years since. In celebration of the film’s 15th anniversary, a “Director’s Cut” re-release provides an opportunity to reach new audiences, which raises the question: Will a provocative product of its time like Another Gay Movie still feel relevant today, or will it just feel offensive? To answer that, The A.V. Club spoke with some of the film’s key players, reuniting them for the first time since filming, to hear the story of how it all came together, how it changed their lives and careers, and how they think it will hold up today. What follows is the definitive oral history of Another Gay Movie.

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