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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober 8.0- 1/32

this is what horror is about to me. it’s been a very long time since i was clapping my hands in delight at a horror movie, but Malignant did it for me. truly, ive been bored with most mainstream horror in recent years- ghosts don’t scare me, no matter how well designed they are. jump scares are boring. slashers are almost nonexistent. and then here comes Malignant, which does none of those things and all of them at once, and in the process creates a genuinely fun and creative premise. i can’t tell you in enough words what a breath of fresh air this movie is for me as a horror fan. i didn’t even want it to end.

It’s worth every second just to see that jail cell scene alone, which is some of the most masterful scene exposition i’ve seen in horror in recent years (and zoe bell!). the gore is fantastic and i was rewinding so many of the kills. the cinematography is gorgeous, the color grading and camera work is marvelous. and don’t even get me started on the soundtrack. every time one of the moody synth tracks kicked in i had the biggest smile on my face. The design of Gabriel was amazing and genuinely very creepy, and i’ll give myself props for noticing early on that the way he ran, it appeared he was facing backwards- because he was. lol. anyways! loved it. if this is any indication of how horror will evolve then i’m fucking ecstatic for what else is to come. (also Grace from Peaky Blinders <3)

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