Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Well, probably many have thought often enough: "fuck this franchise", as it is also said in the film itself. And  honestly, the franchise should definitely be buried soon, but nevertheless the air is not yet completely out of the franchise.

The Scream movies are clearly among the best slasher series in film history. Which is actually due to the meta-humor and that the films expose all other horror films in a way. But on the other hand, it is also because the Scream movies can always offer something new. Due to the fact, that the movies reverse the principle of the recurring killer and instead the Scream Queens keep coming back, so to speak. While the killer is someone else every time. This sets the series apart from all the other slasher series. That's why I was actually looking forward to the movie and I have to say that I have mixed feelings with the final result.

The good things
Let's first come to all the positive aspects and first to all the meta-humor. Many will certainly think that it is already enough, but still it is somehow entertaining. Because after requels were taken in Scream 5, it is now the turn of toxic fandoms and franchises in general. This was actually used quite nicely, although I liked part 5 better in this regard. But in any case, the film is extremely meta again.
In addition, there is definitely increased violence, because the film is definitely bloodier than the Wes Craven films. Even a little bloodier than part 5, but of course not as brutal as other gore films. But the makers definitely dared more in this regard, which I also liked.
In addition, they are trying to break new ground again in part 6. So the whole plot was moved to New York and that was solved reasonably well. There are one or two scenes that have definitely played with the new setting, which we have already seen in the trailer. But overall, the film doesn't quite take advantage of the new setting. So I think that the film would have had much more potential in this regard and Jason takes Manhatten or Predator 2, even actually used the potential more than Scream 6. But overall, the film tries to break some new ground, such as the opening scene. I also have my problems with this, because it is extremely predictable from a certain moment, but it was still a nice idea.
In general, the film is actually quite exciting and the new mystery about the new killer or killers is really exciting. In addition, there are some really brutal, imaginative and well-staged scenes that definitely provide tension. So that everyone who expects a nice slasher will definitely get their money's worth. Because there is blood, tension and a lot of shouting.

In addition, the actors are all really convincing again. So, of course, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega come back. It's a slasher and of course you shouldn't expect any price-suspicious performances now, but the two are really convincing. I wouldn't have needed the two to be given even more depth now, but they are still okay in the roles. The same applies to Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding, who are also returning. They don't really get much to do now and the former is only responsible for the meta stuff anyway, but they are also fine.
Well, and then there are other returnees, although I don't know if that's a spoiler now. In any case, the returnees are actually okay, although I really wouldn't have needed them. Because you can clearly see that these were only appeared in, because of the fan service. But it doesn't matter, because basically the actors can convince

My problems 
However, I also have my problems and these concern in particular the end, a few logic gaps and the fact that the film is extremely predictable. Of course, you can't predict everything, but I knew pretty quickly who the killer or killers were, and I was right. In Scream 5 it was still the case that you had a large selection and it could really be everyone the killer, except the Legacy. You didn't know the new characters yet and so the selection of possible Ghostface killers was large. So the film could also surprise me, whereby Scream 6 does exactly what I suspected and I think I have to spoil now, to explain my problems.

So spoiler warning for everyone who doesn't want to be spoiled, from now on. So admittedly, the whole thing that the killers are the family of Richie from the previous part was a interesting idea. The Ghostface Killers are not (only) crazy, but want revenge. Although, of course, this raises other questions, such as why they simply ignore that Richie was a crazy killer, which you can clearly see in the shrine. But basically it was a nice idea if the film wasn't so extremely predictable. Because through exclusion procedures you can easily find out who the killer is, you just have to exclude all characters that have already occurred in previous parts. Then only 5 new characters remain. One of them is Sam's new boyfriend and he can't be either, because after all, that would be boring, since Sam's boyfriend was already the killer in the last part. Well, and the fourth new character, namely Mindy's girlfriend, dies. So all that remains is the detective, the virgin and the roommate (who allegedly also died, but before that she was already my main suspect). Well, and all three are basically the killers and that was just extremely predictable. So that it really bothered me in the end. 
In addition, these new killers also ensure that Ghostface is not implemented quite correctly. So because the killers want revenge, they don't play with their victims. In all the previous parts, Ghostface always played with his victims, asked them questions and had fun killing. But everything is missing here, which in my opinion is also a small problem.+
In addition, another aspect has also bothered me, namely the fact that simply no one dies. We have often had the fact that characters are stabbed off in the Scream series and then somehow survive. But Scream 5 didn't do exactly that and almost everyone died, except Syndey and Sam. But in Scream 6 almost everyone survives who was killed by Ghostface, except the therapist (I guess once) and the one that falls from the ladder to the ground and then is just porridge. Well, and that's really weak, especially because the film then gives a big talk about the fact that even the main characters can die. They say that even Tony Stark and Luke Skywalker died and since Scream is now also a franchise, anyone can die. But what happens? Exactly, no one dies.

So overall, as already mentioned, I have mixed feelings. I have some problems with the film as far as the ending is concerned, the predictability or the fact that hardly anyone in the film really dies. The big city was also not sufficiently used as a setting and so the film has some problems. Nevertheless, I also had fun with the movie. Whether it was about seeing old characters again, the initially very nice and exciting plot with an interesting opener, or the sometimes quite bloody scenes paired with the meta-humor. All this provides entertainment and therefore the film is definitely worth a look, but not quite as good as part 5 and by no means as good as the original! No!

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