M3GAN ★★½

Chucky and Annabelle are a thing of the past, because now comes M3gan, which takes the fear of dolls to a new level. Unfortunately, the film is not on a new level.

Basically, I was looking forward to the film. When I watched the trailer, I really thought that M3gan could be a good horror movie. Especially because the director is Gerard Johnstone, who previously did Housebound, which I also liked very much. So my anticipation was actually there and the basic idea of the film is really good. A doll in which artificial intelligence is integrated to build an emotional bond with its owner. But of course the whole thing goes wrong, because after all we are in the horror genre.
But unfortunately, M3gan is a typical case of a film with a good idea, but a not so good implementation. Unfortunately, the film has some problems that already start with the plot. Since the plot of the film is really generic, as well as predictable. Of course, the little girl who gets the doll must be an orphan who lost her parents in a car accident. Of course, the girl will then find a friend in M3gan who will help her cope with grief. Of course, M3gan eventually overdoes it with care and so on. So the plot is really nothing special and numerous clichés in the genre are incorporated into the film. In addition, the movie is really predictable and although I had only seen the trailer, it seemed to me that I had already seen the movie. This is simply because you have already seen most of the film in other genre representatives such as Childs Play. Which is why the film doesn't really offer something new except for the premise.
In addition, there is little horror in the film, so it is also a bit tough. Although the film is only one and a half hours long, it takes about 50 minutes for the horror aspect of the film to begin. So the first 50 minutes are not necessarily bad, but there is no horror at all and the plot is not necessarily so convincing that it justifies 50 minutes without horror. Even after the first 50 minutes, it still takes some time for the horror to really start, but then it really starts. Because the ending really has it all and then you get exactly what you expect from such a movie. Some really good killing sequences, a lot of creepy doll action mixed with technical stuff. As towards the end, you really get what you expect, but it's just too late and too little.

Be that as it may, at least the actors can convince. M3gan is embodied by two actresses, who once serve as a voice and then also as a doll herself. Because the doll no longer looks like a doll, but rather like a real person, which ensures that you are probably more afraid of it. Because of course it's scarier when this doll almost resembles a little girl with artificial intelligence. In any case, the two can definitely convince Amie Donald and Jena Davis as M3gan. Just like Violet McGraw, who has already been seen in an impressive number of great films, but she is definitely convincing. Just like Allison Williams, who somehow fits perfectly into this role. Because after Get Out and The Perfection, you can never really trust her and that fits quite well into her role.

So overall, the film has a good basic premise, but the existing potential is not really used. Although the actors can convince and towards the end the film really picks up speed. But nevertheless, I can't overlook the first two thirds, which are not only a bit tough but also generic and predictable. So there are much better genre representatives, but nevertheless you can take a look at the film, you just can't expect too much.

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