Finch ★★★½

Tom Hanks, a robot and a dog go on a road trip, what more could you want for a nice evening.
The movie isn't really inventing anything new and it's pretty predictable, but Finch just has a hell of a lot of heart. Tom Hanks is of course the perfect choice, with a robot that causes a few laughs and a dog that is actually just cute and yet somehow the focus of the action. Tom Hanks actually carries the film on his shoulders, with every sentence he says a life-affirming mood arises which at the same time creates a good mood. 
The first half is, in my opinion, a bit weaker and therefore the film takes a little while to get going. As always with Apple productions, the effects are as high quality as ever, just like the dystopian setting. The soundtrack with a few good songs like Miss American Pie also creates a lot of pleasant atmosphere. 
In any case, Finch is a fun, loving and heartwarming film for the whole family with a sad and at the same time bittersweet ending and a life-affirming message.

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