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Nelson Nantanapibul
The concluding chapter in Netflix’s “Fear Street” trilogy ‘1666 is now streaming and this film takes the biggest time jump backwards roughly three hundred years to where it all started. The cast members from the previous two films take on different roles in this third chapter taking on english accents. The range of the actors in this series is quite remarkable from present day teens to the residents of an ancient village in the 1600s.
I will be revealing some spoilers as the way events unfold in this third film can't be helped. Deena from 1994 in an attempt to stop the curse that has plagued Shadyside for centuries attempts to bury the full remains of Sara Fier at the end of ‘78 and in doing so is able to view the events of 1666 through her eyes.
There is a big twist and a reveal that in 1666 Sara Fier was falsely accused of being a witch by a spiteful town resident. Sara and her love are hunted as witches and when Sara turns to a friend for help she realizes that it is he who has made a deal with the devil in order to obtain the life and power that he wants. That person is Solomon Goode, the ancestor of Nick Goode the survivor of the massacre at Camp Nightwing in ‘78 and the sheriff of Shadyside in ‘94.
Sara, before she is executed, vows to forever pursue the Goode family until the truth is finally revealed. The first hour of the film takes place in ‘1666 and then the remainder of the film jumps forward in time back to ‘94. In ‘94 with the truth revealed to Deena the remaining survivors face off against the Sheriff whose family has carried on the tradition of sacrificing souls to the devil in exchange for wealth and power.
I won’t spoil how the film ends you’ll have to see for yourself. I do kind of wish that the second part of ‘94 had been it’s own standalone film and that they could have expanded the length of the story but I did enjoy the way this third installment played itself out. There is an end credit scene in the film and that is all I am going to say. I have really enjoyed this trilogy of films which are all are currently streaming on Netflix.

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