Sisters ★★★½

If you've come seeking an intriguing mystery, you'll be given a mad cognitive scientist whose plan is indecipherable but clearly stupid. And if you just want to watch competent characters, you'll be sent home with the world's most dedicated hired private eye who leaves the movie and I'm assuming is still up a pole in Canada, keeping an eye on an abandoned piece of furniture.

No, if you want to be here, you should be seeking sensation. This is DePalma's Psycho riff, with gleaming knives and nonsense pop psychology. Where he fails to replicate Hitch's fidelity to character and story he makes up for in lack of restraint. The film's version of the early murder can't match the shower scene for shock but it can beat it in brutality. And when the film belatedly gives over to gonzo surrealism, it's worth the wait.

The screwy scientist and dumbass detective aren't fatal problems except at the parts when they knock the film out of the capable hands of Margot Kidder and Jennifer Salt. Both women ably bend to the film's twisted cat-and-mouse but the movie can't bring itself to keep them pitted against each other. Fun, fleetingly suspenseful, fine.

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