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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow that was something else. It really did not disappoint. Everything i wanted from this movie it gave me and it was so satisfying. It leaves you wondering how WB and Joss Whedon could have fucked that up so badly. It does everything the Josstice League did 10x better. Theres such good character moments that they just cut out and this puts them back in so it's such a better payoff.

Lets talk Nightmare sequence. What the hell is going on there. Whatever it is it looked really freakin cool. I need a sequel to this where they explore that more. 

The music just adds to the sequences so well and it's far more epic than the shit we got back then. All the actors do a great job. Cyborg really got way better in this, he's just some background character in the original but this gives him so much more depth and some of the best moments involve him. Darkseid was such a badass and Steppenwolf got way cooler too. 

If i had to rewatch the original it would now be like 1 star cus of how much they fucked it up. I cant say enough good things about this.

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