Scarface ★★★★★

The levels of excitement rose by each minute that passed by as I was glued to and gazing at that bright screen with my eyes wide open.
Tony Montana takes you on a testosterone-fueled ride to the top in the most fashionable way possible in order to make a name for himself. 
As you expect, in a world of crime danger hides in every corner.
Soon enough Tony Montana learns this the hard way which results in paranoia and eventually insanity. This pushes him towards the edge of immorality. It's pure and unapologetic machismo captured on the big screen.

Besides the obvious action I was charmed by its many memorable quotes and also laughed more than I would have expected. Just like me, you’ll find yourself spewing cheesy one-liners backed by a horrible accent after Al Pacino’s stellar and illustrious performance.

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