Halloween ★★★½

No better time than a sunny afternoon in the middle of May to watch John Carpenter's classic Halloween, right? The opening scene is fantastic from a creative viewpoint and I love the way it was shot. I also like that the main protagonist wasn't your stereotypical over-charismatic piece eye candy. The supporting characters on the other hand were kind of obnoxious. This isn't new when it comes to this genre but they had no depth whatsoever and sometimes came across as awkward. The plot is fascinating but the excecution is a tad too straightforward for my liking.

I don't like comparing movies in my "reviews" but I have to mention that I kept comparing Halloween with Black Christmass, which was released four years prior. Halloween being the more polished version with better storytelling and better cinematography. Black Christmas gave me a more unsettling feeling though. The odd editing choices threw me a bit off guard at times but that's nitpicking. I know this is not the case for most people but Halloween do that much for me. In the end it may not have lived up to my high expectations but I can see how it claimed a spot in the heart of many Horror fanatics.

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