Doctor Who: Colony in Space

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This review may contain spoilers.

I wish they used that effect every time the TARDIS took off or landed in Modern Who.
No need to have the TARDIS slowly fade into or out of existence, just be there one moment then gone the next.

"Jim'll fix it."
- Mary Ashe
That line certainly won't age this episode at all.

"My immediate plans are to expose you as an Imposter!"
- The Doctor (3)

"I urge you not to trust this man, he's an Imposter!"
- The Doctor (3)

"You're an Imposter, we don't need you."
- Captain Dent

I literally gasped at the first imposter line.

The Colonists versus Interplanetary Mining Corporation stuff gets decently boring after a while (though Caldwell is a great character) but the Master and Doctor stuff gets going by that time, so that makes up for it.

"I want to see the universe not rule it."
- The Doctor (3)
Truly the line that sums up the Master and Doctor's relationship.