• The Werewolf

    The Werewolf


    A lone man wanders into a rural mountain town, unable to remember his name or from where he arrived. The residents of this small community will soon learn the truth, that this stranger, played by Steven Ritch, has been injected with a radioactive serum by nefarious doctors and now turns into a vicious wolf-life creature whenever he is under stress. A local sheriff and his nurse fiancée, played by Don Megowan and Joyce Holden, must race against time to help…

  • Creature with the Atom Brain

    Creature with the Atom Brain


    In order to exact brutal vengeance on the authorities and informants who convicted him, a notorious gangster has enlisted in the help of a former Nazi scientist to reanimate corpses by way of atomic radiation so that he can control them by radio transmissions as they carry out his murderous missions. As the zombie-like killers take out their targets one-by-one, a police department doctor, played by Richard Denning, is able to connect the dots by using a Geiger counter to…

  • Plane



    During a storm, Brodie, a commercial pilot played by Gerard Butler, is forced to land his aircraft on a remote island in the Philippines that is run by an anti-government militia. When his passengers are taken hostage by the rebels, he must join forces with an unlikely ally, a convicted murderer who was a last-minute transport prisoner on his flight, in order to rescue them.

    The 2023 action thriller, Plane, may not exactly be a game changer in cinema, but…

  • Skinamarink



    Two young children wake up in the dark to find that their father is missing and that the doors and windows of their home are disappearing. In this house, where cartoons on a television screen and lighting from various fixtures barely seem to hold the pitch black of their surroundings at bay, these children find comfort in each other's presence while trying to come to terms with their terrifyingly inexplicable predicament.

    The 2022 experimental horror film, Skinamarink, set in 1995…

  • The Valley of Gwangi

    The Valley of Gwangi


    When I found out that there was a movie about cowboys who face off against dinosaurs in a desert valley, I knew that I needed it in my life. The 1969 sci-fi western adventure, The Valley of Gwangi, directed by Jim O'Connolly and featuring visuals from the stop-motion effects genius Ray Harryhausen, fills that particular void in my collection with graceful splendor. The centerpiece sequence, where cowboys on horses are using lassos to capture the title creature, a vicious Allosaurus,…

  • Sworn to Justice

    Sworn to Justice


    When she arrives home to find her sister and her nephew murdered, Janna, a criminal defense psychologist played by Cynthia Rothrock, is confronted by the masked perpetrators who are still in the house and is subsequently knocked unconscious during a fall after she uses her martial arts training to fight off the attackers. Upon her awakening, she realizes that she possesses ESP psychic abilities which allow her to track down the men responsible for the murders. Unbeknownst to our vigilante…

  • M3GAN



    After losing both of her parents in a tragic vehicle accident, Cady, a nine year-old played by Violet McGraw, is placed under the guardianship of her aunt, Gemma, a toy company robotics engineer played by Allison Williams, who has developed a prototype for an uncannily life-like artificial intelligence doll called M3GAN (Model 3 Generative Android). The overwhelmed Gemma, who is unprepared and ill-equipped to assume a parenting role, is initially ecstatic and relieved that the doll is filling a void…

  • Santo vs. Doctor Death

    Santo vs. Doctor Death


    Santo, the world-renowned Mexican wrestler, espionage expert, and Interpol secret agent, is assigned to solve the mystery behind an apparent counterfeit art ring. His investigations lead him to Madrid, where an esteemed restorationist, Dr. Mann, is covertly stealing priceless paintings and replacing them in museums with almost-exact copies, courtesy of a ghastly chemical process that is conducted using the bodies of female models. Along with his partner, Agent 9004, our masked hero must infiltrate a lavish castle filled with deadly…

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    A college roommate and I saw Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction on opening night at the theater upon its release in 1994. I had insisted on catching this movie on day one because I was already familiar with the director's debut feature, Reservoir Dogs and because I had some idea of what to expect from Tarantino's brand of mayhem, but my friend went in totally blind. Part of the fun of that initial viewing, the first of many for this movie…

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    Quentin Tarantino's 1992 directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs, was released when I was in college at Georgia Tech. I missed the local indie theater showing here in Atlanta, but I remember reading the favorable reviews in counterculture newspapers and being aware of the buzz that, as with Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita (1990) and Richard Linklater's Slacker (1990), tipped me off to an underground world that I was missing out on in favor of attending more mainstream fare with my friends.…

  • Testament



    In their idyllic California town, the Wetherlys experience the everyday joys and frustrations of any suburban family. The forever-busy Carol, played by Jane Alexander, worries that her husband, Ted, played by William Devane, may be overenthusiastic in pressuring their eldest son, played by Rossie Harris, to follow his footsteps in his cycling hobby, but she also has her hands full preparing for a local school play starring their youngest son, a seven year-old played by Lukas Haas, and making sure…

  • Invaders from Mars

    Invaders from Mars


    In the dark predawn hours, David, a young boy played by Jimmy Hunt, is awakened by a loud noise and sees a flying saucer land on the other side of a hill in his backyard. His father, played by Leif Erickson, ventures out to the lot behind their home to take a look and, upon returning, exhibits notably different behavior, responding with anger when David notices a mysterious red mark on the back of his neck. During the hours that…