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Zack Snyder's Justice League Long Review

Zack Snyder's Justice League was a lot to take in, but that's a good thing. I'm still conflicted about exactly what I feel about it. Is it every thing I wanted? Well, in a way, yes. The characters are all more well rounded and interesting, the team really felt like an actual team, the villains had a real presence this time. It's a really great superhero team up movie, and it's definitely what we should have got back in 2017.

However, the marketing for this was really deceiving, and promised a lot, that didn't quite get as much screentime as I was hoping for. That's partially my fault for getting myself too hyped, but still, the marketing was really bad for this movie in the long run. So, in short, this is a huge improvement over the first release, and a really well made, well paced, and overall engaging film, with a ton of awesome moments, and great characters.

All of the characters here are definitely improved from the 2017 version. They each feel like they have earned their place on the team. They all have important things to do. The team dynamic is great in here, and they feel a lot more like friends, rather than just coworkers.

The most improved character is definitely Victor/Cyborg. He showed real character growth, and had some of the most emotional scenes in the movie. Barry also has a much bigger role in the finale, and is still able to be funny, while also being heroic. Arthur is probably the least changed, but he still has an improved role. Diana and Bruce are also just more well rounded, and feel more like friends. Superman still feels like a bit of an afterthought, sadly, but I still liked seeing him. So, while these may not be the most complex characters ever, they are definitely a lot more interesting and engaging than they were in the 2017 film.

The villains are way cooler too. Steppenwolf has way more of a threatening presence, and you almost feel some sympathy for him. I really like his new look. Desaad and Darkseid are cool, even if they have pretty small roles.

The film just has a much larger sense of importance. Everything feels consequential, and important. There are high stakes throughout, and it really helps the film to stay exciting. The action scenes, especially, are much more brutal, and grandiose.

The film still has a lot of hope shining through. There were a lot of optimistic and light-hearted moments. So, for anyone saying that Zack just cares about edginess, they should watch this movie. He actually gives the heroes genuinely heroic things to do. Like when Diana talks to a young girl after an attack, or when Victor helps a lady by giving her money. Moments like these are small, but they show that Zack really does care about showing the heroes as more than just people who fight monsters.

I guess if I were to nitpick, here are a few things I didn't love. I thought the effects were kind of hit or miss. I felt some of the acting was a bit over-serious. Some of the scenes felt a bit out of place, or just entirely unnecessary (particularly the Knightmare sequence). I feel like maybe 10 to 20 minutes could have been shaved off just to make the pacing a bit tighter. As enjoyable as this was, 4 hours was definitely a long time.

So yeah, this was really great. There's a real sense of importance to everything, the characters are better, the action is better, everything is way better. This is definitely what we should have got originally. While there were some things I found to be a bit unnecessary, this was still a great watch. Just such a great superhero movie, and one I can't wait to watch again soon. 8.5/10

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