The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

Though the film is a giant visual spectacle, filled with awesome vistas, battle scenes and more, I was slightly disappointed by the Northman. This probably has more to do with my expectations of a Robert Eggers project than the actual quality of this film though, to be fair.

I think the Witch is one of if not the best first feature I've ever seen and the Lighthouse is possibly my favourite film of the 2010's. They are both unconventional, intimate and feel completely authentic to the era they are set in. The Northman is a completely different beast. To use a food analogy: the Witch and the Lighthouse are like an expertly crafted, unique dish in a three star restaurant. Something exotic like live squid or beluga caviar, with tastes you've never had before. The Northman is like a hamburger you'd order at that same establishment. It's really good, and it has a bunch of fancy ingredients and garnishes, but it's still just a hamburger.

The film is essentially a revenge story. It reminded me a lot of Conan the Barbarian , though obviously a lot less corny. It's beautiful and exciting, just very conventional. I might like it better upon rewatching it, having shed a bit of the overinflated expectations, but on my first viewing, I wasn't blown away.

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