Hereditary ★★★★

Watched this for the third time with my sister and I still appreciate it just as much. I love the way Ari Aster does horror; it's all based around emotional connection to the characters, dread and subtle creepiness - instead of jumpscares and spooky monsters.

Some of the scenes in this are just so horrific and intense, and they're not even the horror parts. I will say the first and second act are a lot better than the third act. I still think the story is satisfying but out of the three people I've seen it with, two didn't seem to care much for the ending, which I do understand. Hereditary is definitely unorthodox, but I find that it's more refreshing and interesting than deliberately contrarian.

Perhaps it's not the scariest horror film, but if anything, this film has given me more chills and lingered far longer in my mind than something like the Nun,so I'd say it's definitely an effective horror film.

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