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The 50 Best Summer Blockbusters of the 21st Century, Ranked

It’s summer blockbuster season…everywhere but our home base of Ontario that is! Many writers at That Shelf can only look on enviously as colleagues elsewhere return to theatres and enjoy the best summer blockbusters on the big screen. If we can’t have the summer movies of 2021, then we’ll look back at the best summer blockbusters that defined the 21st Century so far.

Behind the Scenes of Disney’s Cruella: Canines and Costumes and Camp, Oh My!

Disney villains are a breed unto themselves and the most notorious of them all has to be the Dalmatian-hating, chain-smoking, lustfully murderous Cruella de Vil. As budding musician (and Dalmatian owner) Roger Radcliffe opines in the 1961 animated classic, “if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will”. Given de Vil’s longevity and continuing popularity, it’s no wonder Disney decided to give the twisted character her own uniquely cinematic origin story. Set to cover Cruella’s rebellious early days in 1970s…

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Conceived as a love letter to gooey 80s body horror (especially the work of everyone’s favourite Canadian pervert David Cronenberg), James Gunn’s Slither is one of those rare projects that was designed to be a cult film and actually became one. Like all horror/comedies, it failed at the box office. However, Slither also debuted to shockingly good reviews for a horror flick and quickly wormed it’s way into every gore-loving sicko’s heart. It helped launch the career of the man…

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later is the comedy reunion we’ve been waiting for since 2001. As promised in the final scene of director David Wain and screenwriter Michael Showalter’s original off-the-wall summer camp farce, the wet hot cast of now-notable comedians have made it their beeswax to be at Camp Firewood in 1991, and the results are spectacular. WHAS: Ten Years Later is four hours of the best TV comedians sharing a set and making 90s flavoured inside…

It’s funny how the reputation of Teen Wolf has changed over the years. After being a surprise hit off the back of Back To The Future’s success and then a camp cable broadcast classic, it’s now somewhat of a cult favourite that inspired a steamy teen TV drama. It’s certainly a weird journey for a movie about an awkward teen becoming a popular werewolf, but then again there’s been nothing like it before or since, especially with a star like…

When Steven Soderbergh announced his retirement from feature filmmaking four years ago, most of the industry took it with a grain of salt. The prolific filmmaker’s “retirement” included directing a play, directing and producing two seasons of the excellent TV series The Knick, and filling the roles of producer and cinematographer on Magic Mike XXL. It came as no surprise when we found out he’d be emerging from this self-imposed exile and returning to the director’s chair for Logan Lucky.…

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simultaneously one of the great action parodies because beyond the expertly crafted looney tunes visual gags, on a filmmaking level it's frequently indistinguishable from the real thing (god mctiernan) and one of the best movies about a movie star literally wrestling with their own hollywood fantasy image and myth. "you've brought me nothing but pain."

full discussion on episode 57 of my podcast SLEAZOIDS.

15-YEAR OLD ME: "Oh boy! A RESIDENT EVIL film and a remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD! I hope this means there will be a new wave of zombie films!"


Zack Snyder can craft a fun action scene, but I am baffled as to why he wanted to make ARMY OF THE DEAD.

It's a zombie heist film (There's potential there!), with a charming gang of actors (I do love Dave Bautista!), buckets…

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it’s not that deep: joss whedon introduced and then quickly killed off quicksilver because he’s jealous of hot people. Like nice revenge stunt jackass but it’s not aaron’s fault that you look like a sun dried mr potato head

So weird, so Danish, and yet, not even Anders Thomas Jensen’s weirdest Danish film.