War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes ★★★★★


Apes together strong!

My rating is very likely to get higher upon a revisit. The only reason why I don't feel like giving this 5 stars right now is that shock of the first time, when you're dead sure that the film is gonna follow a certain direction, but it ends up going in a completely different one. The fact is... This is a beautiful movie. Matt Reeves sacrifices a lot of tropes that are expected to be in a blockbuster of this caliber in order to tell a story never told before, in a way never done before. It's not the grand, spectacle movie that the trailers suggest; it's a calm, reserved, in depth character study film. Less about war, more about aftermath, one in which the story seeks to find the essence of what truly makes us human in the end. It's the darkest, possibly most iconic film of the trilogy, and certainly the most emotional one. Reeves rethinks what has been historically believed to mean to be human, and paints an everlasting portrait of strenght, will, mercy, kindness and love surviving in the most noxious environment. This is a trilogy to be remembered.

EDIT: Yeah rating got higher after just thinking.

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