Logan ★★★★★


This is what life looks like. People who love each other. A home. You should take a moment... Feel it.

Hard. Perhaps that's the word that best describes my feelings with this picture. Hard to watch, hard to write about. When it ended, me and my friend Ly sat in silence, during all the credits. As part of a generation conditioned to expect something more after the ending credits of a superhero movie, part of me hoped that this wouldn't end there, and part of me was scared by that possibility. And there was nothing. That was it. So we got up, walked out, still not saying a single word, until we reached the bus stop and parted ways. I didn't ask him what he'd thought, nor did him me. We both knew what we had just watched.

A long time ago, when I was still a child, my father rented the X2 VHS and called me to watch it with him. Of every movie that I've ever seen with my dad, that very day was it, it never got out of my head, nor did that film. I rented it again and again, watched the first one too, repeteadly, over and over and over again, countless times. Then came the cartoons, the games... And of all X-Men, Wolverine was the most fascinating one, the one I somehow looked up to. There's something in his anger and his unability to be stopped, but most of all; his love for the younger ones. The way he took care of Rogue in the first movie, how he protected the children from the attack in the second, how he held that mutant boy in his arms by the end, how he hit the road with the students in the car... Always taking care of the future generations, the children. Back at that time, I decided that as soon as a beard grew on me, I would wear it like Wolverine's. He wasn't just a simple hero for me anymore, he was a friend. And through time, I accompanied my friend through his highs and lows, always willing to fight any idiotic comic book purist who'd criticize his protagonism in the movies. At certain point, my father told me that "X-Men are my movies".

Today, I said goodbye to my old friend. They may make new comics, games, cartoons, even recast him in an eventual cinematic reboot, but none of that will matter. This is where Wolverine ends. He stood by me through my whole growth, and now, two days after my 21st birthday, he took care of me one last time.

Thank you, Logan. For everything.

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