Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

for a movie titled KONG: SKULL ISLAND, it's very relieving that the eighth wonder of the world has a plentiful amount of screentime in a film packed to the brim with good ideas and even better intentions. essentially a war movie with a gigantic monster thrown into it, all while masquerading as a movie about the search for God, or a being like a god, in a land where no man should ever have to step foot. KONG is a refreshing blockbuster, with its bright and piercing color palette, quick and witty dialogue, and its presentation of King Kong himself. this film packs a grit and dirty edge that most action movies don't contain nowadays, which makes it such a rewarding movie. the cast works great as an ensemble, and there's never really a dull moment to speak of. each shot in this movie is bursting with creativity and excitement; it's obvious that the director put serious passion into this and tried to make it his own movie rather than a studio film. the special effects are amazing, and obviously, Kong himself is an absolute beast; each time he's on the screen is what makes the movie have such a bountiful payoff. minus some plot pacing issues, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is honestly pretty great, and it shows that beautiful things can happen when effort and originality is actually put into a big-budget movie.

make sure to stay after the credits roll. (but please watch the credits. it's stunning to see how many people constructed this film and made it the final product it turned out to be.)

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