Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

1. this used to be my favorite movie when I was around twelve but then I watched Drive (2011, Nicolas Winding Refn)
2. the set design in this is amazing every shot is so dense 
3. I can't believe Wes Anderson, a dramatic director, mastered stop motion animation in one try. It takes years for people to hone in on that
4. the entire social and economic system of a presumably British collapses because of four foxes and a shrew or whatever that guy is this is just High-Rise
5. B a n j o s o n g yay
6. this is the only good movie made
7. I can quote almost every line in this movie
8. I can't believe this lost to Up and Anomalisa lost to Inside Out does the academy just hate stop motion or?
9. Fox marital problems are depressing 
10. It's physically impossible to feel sad while watching this movie
11. Kylie carrying a TV for hundreds of miles is a hilarious thought 
12. You wrote a bad song Petey fuck u Petey
13. This was also the first criterion I ever bought 
14. fox refugee camp are you saying this is a holocaust or something metaphor Wes Anderson you wanna play that card
15. Anyone that hates this movie is heartless I love this movie thank you Wes Anderson
16. This is the worst review I've ever written

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