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  • Point Break

    Point Break


    I have been meaning to watch this for quite awhile, and since it is on my list of 1000 essential films it gave me more of a reason. 

    All I can say is that it is now one of my favorite movies. Not only do I always enjoy Keanu Reeves movies, but I enjoy a good crime cop thriller to add some spice. The story, and also the reveal of characters and culprits was great. It’s one of those movies…

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand Luke


    After a short mental break I’m back at reviewing the 1000 essential films according to the NYT. 

    Cool Hand Luke is one of my dads favorite films, and as disappointing as it is for him I haven’t seen it until today! Overall, it was a interesting and entertaining film for being done in 1967. For some, it may seem slow, and for others it might seem intriguing. I grew up watching Paul Newman in films and TV, so I have…

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    I’ve said before, but mad max is one of my favorite franchises. I believe that the soundtrack of a movie is what really makes it good; and that goes for Fury Road. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, as well as the stunt coordination and special effects. Knowing that a lot of this was real, and CGI was used to fill in gaps, makes it even better. The cast was also phenomenal, and I am very happy with Tom Hardy taking the role of max. If I could give it more stars, I would.

  • WALL·E



    I put this movie on while I was doing homework late last night, but it also is part of the 1000 essential films that I’m reviewing.

    I remember when this movie came out in 2008 and everyone was shocked at the animation and how clear it was. I overall think it’s beautiful, not just the space visuals, but because of the message of taking care of our earth. It’s interesting to see how this movie added to the conversation then, and how we are talking about the environment now.