Moonlight ★★★★★

Moonlight was not made for me. That's okay though, I can still watch it, enjoy it and possibly relate to it but it's not made for me. It is made for a Black LGBT+ audience.

To see this with a discussion with a panel of only Black LGBT people was really eye-opening. They were all different ages too. It brought me so much joy hearing them talk about how much they connected with the movie and how much they cherish it in their hearts. One of the men said his daughter understood and connected with him and his identity more after seeing the film.

That is what I believe film is capable of, telling stories that people connect with. I'm glad to be alive right now and seeing this film. To know that there is a film like this that embraces sensitivity and acceptance among a group of people who don't usually get that is amazing to me.

The panel I saw finally saw themselves on screen which is how it always should be. They should always have stories and mass media about them.

The black men in the audience talked about how much they loved that Chiron was tender and sensitive but respectfully so. I don't think a lot of us think about how toxic masculinity and gender roles are when it comes to people of color. I cannot wait to see everyone's faces when they get more films made about them.

I can't wait until diverse and unique stories like this are embraced more often.

Moonlight deserves its place in film history.

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