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This review may contain spoilers.


It's great.

It's honestly on par with the first one, though, in a different way. Seeing as this one has much more dynamics between the characters and a lot of the action scenes are in the backdrop or played for laughs, kind of like the first one but more so, I felt, in this one..

I did like all the different character relationships. I was very surprised by how much I liked Gamora's and Nebula's dynamic with the fact that they are sisters but Thanos pretty much made them hate each other from childhood. Yondu's and Rocket's partnership is pretty great, considering how they realize how similar they are to each other. The odd friendship between Drax and Mantis is interesting. Obviously, Peter Quill and Ego finally bonding as father and son is interesting.

We can finally add Ego to the tiny list of Marvel villains that are interesting. Geez.

I'm very surprised that this still feels like a James Gunn movie considering how much Joss Whedon went on about how Age of Ultron got botched by Marvel's executives and whatnot. I can tell because a lot of the battle scenes where PG-13 violent but in the style of what James Gunn has done in his previous films.

Also, I love space. It allows for such pretty visuals and both Guardians of the Galaxy films have such beautiful cinematography, visual effects and make-up.

If there was one thing I didn't really care for was that there were serious moments immediately followed by a joke, which kind of ruined the tone in some scenes' tones.

However, I'm quite impressed. This was a super fun time. It's obviously not as impressive because it's not as new as the first one was, but I just expected a super fun time, and I got that and more pretty heavy emotion and character development. Good time.

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