The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

So, this is the movie that every cinephile should see. And despite being a damn great movie, it's just another classic as any other. As a cinephile you are easily classified when you don't call this a masterpiece. Or you get the phrase thrown at your head ''What?! You don't like The Godfather?!''. For the record, I do like it. It's a perfect directed movie. But is it flawless? Perhaps. I couldn't find any problems with it.

The movie is indeed nearly three hours long. And despite having a really smooth paced story, it does feel long. Certainly the first part. The whole wedding stuff. But it's needed to know our characters and how they behave. But once Corleone is shot in the street, the movie takes you on a wild ride. There's a surprise at every corner.

The performances are all fucking perfect. Al Pacino killed it next to Marlon Brando. Both of them where amazing, actually that's an understatement.

But do I think it's the masterpiece everyone says it is? I think I have to see it again to clarify that. I just don't want to call it a masterpiece just for the sake of calling it a masterpiece. I believe that La La Land is a masterpiece of filmmaking. But someone else might think it's a great movie. I have that with this movie.

And yes...I just compared La La Land with this movie...

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