Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★★½


My hopes for this movie were very high, not over the top but, I was excited about this movie, and so the other night (September 2nd) I saw Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, and it blew me away. First things first spoilers ahead, so the story, of course, it's an origin story, and this is easily one of the best well-told origin stories in the MCU, it was enjoyable, and it had some great emotional moments, and funny moments, and some tense moments that all blended to make this movie. The first act built up the foundation of what was happening, and it did a great job, and I loved the use of flashbacks, which we got to see more of In the 2nd act, telling more of Shang-Chi and his sisters Xialing backgrounds, and especially the moments where we see Wenwu and Li, who we see in the flashbacks, it all worked for me, and made for some great emotional moments. Also I loved the beginning of this movie, great, and beautiful opening, so I think the 2nd act was also pretty great, I've heard mixed things about it but I liked it, it felt like something new and refreshing a bit, as we see more development for these characters, like training scenes, and more backstory is revealed.

The 3rd act was easily the best, it all lead up to this big massive fight with two dragons, which blew me away, and I thought was fucking badass, but my only issue with this 3rd act was that I wish Shang-Chi and Wenwu had more talking and emotional moments while fighting each other, I feel like it would've added more to fight. Then of course we see them win, and in the end, Wenwu dies by the hand of the other soul sucking dragon, basically a sacrifice, and Shang-Chi now has the Ten Rings, which leads to the post-credits scene. We see Wong looking for him, and Katy as she was a part of the fight, and in that scene, we see them in a call with Captain Marvel and Bruce. Which blew my mind, having them show up was fantastic, so then there trying to figure out what the Ten Rings are, but they don't know, so they both leave, and Bruce says "Welcome to the Circus" and they are now Avengers well Shang-Chi is, and then Wong, Him, and Katy go to Karaoke and sing Hotel California, never thought I would need that. The 2nd scene saw Xialing now in charge of the Ten Rings as we see that The Ten Rings will make a return…

So I could talk more about the story here, but I can say more with characters, but the story was easily one of my favorite origin MCU stories, it was just fantastic. Now when it comes to characters the first that comes to mind is Simu Liu who played Shang-Chi was my fucking god, when I say he knocked it out of the park, he knocked it out of the damn park. The man did such a great fucking job, I loved Shang-Chi his character was amazingly written the way he acts, talks, and fights, he's just a great character, and the interactions he has with his dad, or sister m were amazing, especially with Katy, I loved Shang-Chi a lot...Which so speaking of the father Wenwu aka the real Mandarin, Tony Leung does so good, easily one of the best Marvel villains, his acting was so fantastic, and the way you can just feel the tension when he's in the scene was fucking amazing, he nailed the performance so well…

Awkwafina plays Katy, and honestly, I enjoyed her, I do feel like she could've been more than just a weird quirky character, but at the same time, she was more than that. Her character kinda goes through a weird arc, about her having to grow up, and we see at the end, she learns how to well be more, and shoot arrows, and she helped a lot in the final fight, so it was a good arc, but different, and yes she did make me laugh. The sister Xialing played by Meng'er Zhang was decent, honestly, she felt super one-sided and I hope she does more when we see her again. So cameos Benedict Wong shows up twice, the first he was fighting Abomination which fucking amazing to see, and he was great, and then Ben Kingsley who I did not think would be In the movie much, but he was in it for longer, and he made me laugh, Trevor Slattery Is a legend.

Alright, so enough with the characters, time for the action, so yeah this movie had some of the best action, In the MCU, I mean holy fuck, so much badass hand to hand combat oh it was beautiful and the camerawork was so fucking good it followed the fight perfectly,- and it was just amazing. The final fight with Shang-Chi and Wenwu and there both using five rings each, I mean holy shit it was amazing, it was fucking epic each fight felt so much more authentic with the hand-to-hand stuff, it was beautiful. This brings me to visual effects, and there is always that one scene that looks weird and we got that, and It just looked weird as hell, but other than that it looked amazing, again the final fight with The Great Protector and the other Dark Demon dragon, it just looked phenomenal, and also it was badass, but in another shot, it looks great, which the same goes for cinematography.

The comedy for each MCU movie varies a lot it can be bad, decent, or good, and here it was decent, most of the jokes landed most didn't, and that's normal, but I did like that it didn't rely on it, the movie felt like it had more focus on the story which I enjoyed. Then with the score, which I thought was great, very triumphant, and it was amazing, same with the soundtrack, which I thought was pretty great too…

So yeah this was kinda a short, yet lengthy review, but I didn't want to waste a lot of time, so yeah in the end what do I think of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings? Well I loved it, even before the movie ended I knew my score, cause I just generally loved this movie a lot, it had a great story, some of the best action I've seen In the MCU easily, again every fight was phenomenal. A killer score/soundtrack, fantastic characters (not including Xialing kinda wasted there), but this movie just kicked fucking ass, and this is easily one of my Top 10 MCU movies…. 9/10

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