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  • Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape
  • Vacant
  • Envoyez les blindes
  • Olga e il tempo - Parte terza: Elegia della sera

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  • It Must Be Heaven

  • Searching for Sugar Man

  • The Dark Corner

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    Last update: September 18, 2022

    A collection of reviews that I think everyone should read. Some of them are great analysis, some are a cry for help, some are both and all the things.

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    If you like this idea you should do it too! I’d love to know what your fav reviews are! 


    Moonage Daydream by Alannah Rose

    Moonlight by Ayush Das Adhikary

    Sorry by kenn. 


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  • It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven

    Part of the Films That Promote Humanism collection.

    Somehow manages to turn passivity into activism.

    In a deserted street in Paris (how??) The Man stops to watch a black sedan pulls up and a driver pops out to yank two suitcases out of the trunk. A young chic Asian hetero couple, dressed in solid black and white climb out of the car, take the suitcases and start pulling them across a square.

    The Man starts to walk toward the stoic…

  • Lovesong


    It may be worth noting that almost all of the art that I connect with comes from an intuitive "flow" space inside the artist. For me, analysis, especially around psychological motivations of the characters or the filmmakers, is all fine and good after the fact, but if I can see the thinking that went into the artistic process then I'm rarely going to love the work.

    This films feels like a very intuitive piece of work and I kinda loved…

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  • The Executioner

    The Executioner


    If you are reading this chances are you are neither exceptionally wealthy or poor. But right now, as I write this in March, the year of the pandemic, the world is collapsing around us.

    That means, because of the systemic fragility of runaway capitalism, that you are in real danger of tumbling from the working/middle class into the band of poverty below you.

    You can feel the danger inside you. It is palpable. You can hear it your boss’s hesitant…

  • Seberg



    [There are SPOILERS in the 5th paragraph but that’s OK because you should NOT see this film.]

    Here’s what happened in 1970:

    The FBI manipulated facts and created a completely false narrative in order to fuck with Jean Seberg because she said nice things about black people.

    Here’s what happened in 2020:

    A white Hollywood writer couple with legacy pedigree and an Icelandic via Australian director manipulated facts and created a completely false narrative in order to fuck with Jean…