Hereditary ★★★★

After being thoroughly impressed by Ari Asters stunning 2019 film Midsommar I decided to try Hereditary. 

Where Midsommer excelled at throwing the viewer off guard balance and creating that dreamlike haze, Hereditary instead builds a wonderfully creepy and tense aura. As with Midsommar the intensely dark and unsettling goings on are framed by stunningly beautiful landscapes. 

The film centres around the horrific familial tragedy experienced by model maker Annie, it’s clear that Ari Aster has a very specific wheelhouse of showing characters experiencing intense grief. 

The film Is peppered with subliminal messaging and hidden imagery, so much so that I found myself studying every frame in the search for answers. 

In Toni Collette the director has found a wonderfully tortured and brilliant leading lady. Her portrayal of a grief stricken Annie adds considerable weight to the darkness of the story told. 
Alex Wolff also does a fantastic job of portraying Peter, as mother and son both characters unravel over the events of the film. 

What the cast and crew have created is a deeply psychological horror film that will live long in the memory. A satisfyingly weird but also somewhat anticlimactic end slightly dampness and what is otherwise a white hot horror movie.