The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★★

A historical epic SO worthy of the big screen. 

I mean at this point we should all understand, these are always gonna be Hollywood versions of real events that took place so idk what’s honestly adapted or not and…. I don’t really care. As long as the movie is good. So from the jump this had an engaging story that I easily got into. The performance from Viola Davis gets knocked outta the park, but Lashana Lynch snatches that spotlight in the best way possible. She just drove in that emotional climax and easily was my fav. The locations/set design looked great. Not sure what was blue screen or not. Nice cinematography too, although doesn’t really give time to shine hard in that area. The action and actual fighting was awesome tho. Being PG-13 does hold this back a bit from greatness, especially in those moments but still some badass nicely shot action nonetheless. It also feels like this was supposed to be way longer with more story to tell and I woulda been down to see it. So feels a little cut down and even with a more predictable story, this slides into that EPIC territory. 

So to me, if this was rated R and a little more fleshed out story wise, this woulda been a TOP TIER historical epic. Still really fucking goood tho. 8.4/10👑

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