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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched this with my ma & step dad. I don’t think they loved it on the level I do, but since they are into historical epics, they liked it. (They would not like his other 2 films tho)🙌🏻😆

This one’s hard not to respect on a technical level, but then we get to the performances, story telling, and just the full blooded badassery, and it’s one to experience at least once…. I love the intro and what sets the pace. Plus it offers some of that fantastical weirdness, yet is a lot more accessible than his other 2 films. It’s a movie that from the very first frame, had me fully enthralled and manages to keep my focus all throughout. Same for the few brutally awesome action scenes and I don’t think anything gets more epic than that final fight at the Gates of Hel. 9.8/10🗡

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