The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

So far, for me, this has been a beautiful year for cinema and now I just sit/hope with all that was announced, NOTHING else gets delayed. The streak MUST go on!

Walking in to this movie, I did not expect to be hit full force with one of the most gnarly and intense theater experiences. Does help I had to seek out the best theater I can find for this epic(thx to the advice from NotAnna) and wow did that elevate this experience even higher. In the first 15 mins, I was completely absorbed, thinking “oh shit, this is gonna be so nuts.” and it sure as hel was. Just one epic ass revenge tale, which A) I do enjoy revenge tales and B) also enjoy a good period piece too. So we get thrown directly into this time period, filled with savagery and it truly feels like we get transported back to the Dark Ages. I mean it does have some romance to lighten things up but it’s very dark, brutal, sad, and badass. There is a few tiny moments that draw some humor, but that happened maybe twice. Other than that, it’s a straight up revenge plot that does do enough to make it feel like nothing I’ve seen before. Im also hella into Norse mythology and that’s mainly thanks to GOW(2018)🤣. 

Hats off the Robert Eggers tho because this is easily my fav of his movies, which to me get better as they go and I’ll definitely be rewatching this one the most. Oh and this looks INCREDIBLE. The whole time I was just mesmerized by the cinematography and how amazing everything is shot. The action, the set/costume designs, locations, and all that you could imagine to make this feel SO authentic, much like his other movies. He’s just one of those directors. Plus I can’t forget to mention Alexander Skarsgård, who may have just delivered my fav performance of the year. The way he transforms is unreal and everyone else is fantastic. That ending too. I just have one word. EPIC. 9.8/10🌋

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