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This review may contain spoilers.

It’s kinda hard finding someone who hasn’t seen or even heard about this movie and I managed to be right next to one lol. My girl said she didn’t know what this was(aside from that Salma Hayek dance scene), so I kept it that way and just put it on.

For starters, no matter how badass and carnage filled that second half is, the first half is far more effective imo. The acting/dialog suck you in almost immediately within that opening scene. The pure insanity of Tarantino was actually quite terrifying and nothing really matches the menacing coolness of Clooney. That whole vibe works well for the first half and once it’s down to surviving the night at the Titty Twister, it’s just pure b-movie fun. All the practical effects are great and same for the vampire creature designs. The whole vamp thing should be a surprise for most who haven’t seen this and to me, they shift genres in such a fun way. Some things go way over the top in that Robert Rodriguez fashion and it basically turns into a schlocky vampire action movie. Plus the vampires aren’t as menacing as they look, but throwing in Tom Savini, Fred Williamson, and a young Danny Trejo only adds to the enjoyment. Although nothing quite beats the screen presence of the Gecko bros & Harvey Keitel. 8.8/10🦇

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