Barbarian ★★★★★

Okay, I get it. You’re probably looking at me like 5 stars??? Really???? & yeah I can def see ALL the arguments against that, but I loved the absolute living SHIT outta this movie. I can safely say this fits RIGHT up my alley, like it was made for me

So with that outta the way, my hype for this has just been growing more and more ever since I first saw this trailer a few months back. The more I hear my friends tell me how bonkers this is, only adds to that excitement and even just back to how awesome the trailer makes this look(🤩). Thankfully the trailer didn’t spoil anything either(or atleast the one I saw and I still wouldn’t recommend watching it). I also did my best to not look any further into this too. So safe to say, I was at PEAK excitement off the little I knew.

Well, here we are and YES
Go in as blind as possible, don’t read anything about it, and you will get the best experience guaranteed

Again, I fucking LOVED Barbarian. It’s actually NOT as crazy as I was expecting, but that was just my imagination going even crazier with speculation. I didn’t come close either as it constantly subverts my expectations and I’m SO satisfied with what it ends up being. Looking back I love how simple it really was. I mean it’s still completely off the wall/bonkers/etc, and had me jumping in my seat on numerous occasions. This movie actually creeped me out too and the suspense is through the roof. A lot of the greatness is due to this awesome cast/set of characters. Literally everyone is amazing in this. I’m also a huge Justin Long fan and he carried a lot of the moments that had me laughing hard. He just nails every scene. Plus this movie blends the comedy and horror perfectly, had me in tears one scene and terrified/disturbed in the other. The score only adds to it all and I just kept getting more engrossed as it went on. Not a dull moment and this will stick in my mind probably forever. I need to see it again tho lol. I can see some finding that ending to be silly/dumb but idk, it just added to the pure insanity & still kept those laughs coming. Actually kinda sad too. There are some dumb choices as well, but it actually made things more fun to see how that plays out. In the end, it’s a perfect HORROR experience for me and a must see in theaters with a crowd. 9.5/10🏠

What a fucking year for horror tho! Ammiright?

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