The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½


+ Some of the finest cinematography I've seen in film, Greig Fraser does it again following Dune and this time it's even more beautiful.
+ Pattinson delivers one of the most hauntingly accurate portayals of Wayne/Batman.
+ We're only in March and 2022 is truly starting to feel like the year of Zoë Kravitz
+ A detective movie as much as it is a Batman movie, this film takes a lot of inspiration from titles like 'Zodiac' and 'Se7en.'

- The first half an hour does try a little too hard to convince you that Bruce is a broken man, but once the story starts to settle this becomes almost a non-issue.
- I couldn't help but feel that Alfred's role in the film was underutilized, considering how important he is in shaping who Bruce ends up becoming, he could have done with a bigger role.

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