Dune ★★★

As suspected, I immediately need to see it again, as I have absolutely no idea what I just watched. 

I’m so used to getting absorbed in Villeneuve’s narrative worlds but I felt throughout Dune that something was missing. I still can’t put my finger on it. 

Whilst beautifully acted and choreographed it left me a little cold. Usually with anything from Hrh Villeneuve I’m shedding tears by the bucketload at the end and filled with all sorts of emotion. 

Something didn’t quite click for me here. 

Style over substance perhaps. Or perhaps it was the long wait; another negative consequence of Covid. Or maybe it’s the intention, after all DUNE is not over yet.

Ferguson and Chalamet were brilliant. Absolutely loved their double act. 

Looking forward to round 2 tomorrow. Watch this space.

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