Shame ★★★★½

A film so tightly wound, you may often find yourself in the midst of an engrossing moment of drama despite never quite knowing how you got there. Take for example, a simple first date framed within a single static shot, pushed in gradually over 13 minutes. Half way through the conversation you only start to realise how tense things are getting. Beginning with gentle small talk and ending in a blunt reveal of character.

The film is filled with moments like these that begin with deceiving subtlety and gently erupt over time; not unlike its subject matter of addiction. Manageable, until it isn't.

On a more tangible note, it's astonishing to me how Sex/Pornograohy addiction is still not recognised as an addiction in the UK, escaping all five DSM lists thus far. This is a lonely portrayal of a desperate man. A world of emotional walls and painful misunderstandings, having this addiction recognised would not only help challenge misconceptions for the more taboo subject but also create an imitatatable empathy for those struggling. Something Fassbenders character desperately needed.

An important character study and some of McQueen's finest work.

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