Bad Black

Bad Black ★★★


A film about a woman that steals the tag from a doctor commando and now he has to get his commando tags back. There will be a lot dead bodies in the way of doctor commando.

You really don't need to know more about this movie. The behind the scenes story of this movie its even more exciting.

This movies was made for about $65 in Uganda. $40 of the budget was use to buy tents and the rest of the money was spend in incidentals and gas. This is the cheapest action movie to play at fantastic fest. All the weapons in the movie were made from scrap metal from cars. The special FX were made from computers that the director salvage from the garbage.

The film was introduced by Alan Aka Commando Jesus. He is this gentleman from Long Island, NY. One day before his wedding he got left by his fiancee and he fell into a depression. One of his friend show him the YouTube trailer for Who Killed Captain Alex? to cheer him up. This gave him a epiphany and he bought a ticket to go to Uganda to find the filmmakers of that movie. Now Alan had never been outside of the country; much less Africa. He just one day show up in this poor neighborhood in Uganda and told them that he wanted to work in their movie. They notice his enthusiasm and he become part of their crew.

Is bad black a well made low budget movie? no, but you can feel the love and spirit of this movie in every shot. Fantastic Fest was the best place to watch this movie. The audience was in a rapture of laughter thru out the movie. Its been a long time since I laugh this hard in a theater. You would laugh at the crazy narrator in the film that igves the best lines.