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  • Diana: The Musical

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  • Diana: The Musical

    Diana: The Musical

    It's extremely funny that DIANA: THE MUSICAL repeatedly lambasts the media for exploiting Princess Diana and turning her private life into a circus, because it does just that without a shred of irony.

    When I wasn't groaning at its toe-curling lyrics, I stared at DIANA with slack-jawed bemusement. This disastrous stage production was filmed and released on Netflix BEFORE its scheduled opening on Broadway, a business decision that is just so mystifying to me. Who on God's green earth would…

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    As somewhat of an apology to placate the fans who felt slighted by the 2016 reboot, GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE comes across as pretty cynical. It leans so heavily into nostalgia for the 1984 original that it's arguably used as a crutch. Hobbling from one callback to the next, much of the film consists of Egon Spengler's grandchildren discovering one piece of Ghostbusters tech after another, the camera lingering so raptly it borders on the pornographic. This formula threatens to become repetitive,…

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  • The Messengers

    The Messengers

    Remember when you were in middle school and you couldn't get in to see R-rated movies yet, so you settled for whatever PG-13 "scary movie" was out, and so your mom drove you to the movie theater on Friday night where you met the rest of your dumb 12-year-old friends, and you all sorta-kinda watched the movie, which made you jump sometimes but mostly giggle, and then you played a few games in the lobby arcade while you waited for your mom to pick you up, and then you forgot all about the movie the next morning?

    THE MESSENGERS is that movie.

  • Scoob!


    2020 truly is the darkest timeline. SCOOB is yet more evidence.