Moonlight ★★★★½

When a character is portrayed on screen that is, in essentially every way, your opposite, and you still emotionally connect with that character on a deep level, then you've made a great film. Not a good film, a great one.

Moonlight is the kind of film that has very specific characters with very specific motivations. From a distance, you may observe that as a turn off, but if you haven't seen it, then please don't let that detour you. Moonlight is an important film for everyone. There's a connection that the cast and director make that's so subtle, you don't realize it until you become absorbed in it. It's the kind of movie that needs to be savored, enjoyed without distraction and viewed with an open mind.

It's a film for it's time and it's a film for the future. It feels eternal, and that makes it great.

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