The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

none may escape the fate what the nords have spun.”

no one directs a period piece like robert eggers. the attention to detail, the intricacies, the care with which he chooses his locations and costumes and the script all shows a level of love and appreciation for his artistry that we all need more of. even the score was perfect. i’ve been looking forward to this movie since we received our first look at it, and it didn’t disappoint whatsoever. the cast is all excellently selected. we only had small moments with willem defoe and bjork but they were excellent in their minor roles, and the main cast of alexander skarsgård, anya taylor-joy, and claes bang were enthralling in their roles. i actually enjoyed nicole kidman’s portrayal of queen gudrún, and it was hard not to sympathize with her even if she was portrayed as a villainess towards the end. as cheesy as it sounds, my 100 hours of ac: valhalla finally came in handy because i was able to understand a lot of the minor nuances and understand viking culture in a way that gave me a greater perspective on this film. the savagery and barbarism displayed in this movie don’t feel exaggerated or grotesque, as it all feels pretty central to the movie. i do have to gush again about anya taylor-joy. she’s excellent in her role as olga, and every time i watch her on my screen i’m reminded of why she’s my favorite actress (a bit debatable at times, but her body of work gives her the slight edge over jenna ortega.)  this movie 100% has the ability to win multiple awards this year.

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