Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

i’m a wild animal.”
“but you’re also my husband.”

classic wes anderson. very whimsical in nature, this movie spawned maybe one of the most iconic jingles ever. the voice actors in this are also really fantastic *ba dum tss* and i feel like george clooney was the perfect choice for mr. fox. he delivers so many lines with deadpan delivery and it’s perfect in every way. equally, jason schwartzmann was perfectly used to voice ash, and the father-son dynamic between the two feels very real. really, all of anderson’s picks are great as always, and you can tell his preferred choice of actors will always have work where he is concerned. although the movie is largely a comedy, it has it’s fair share of tender moments, such as the confrontation between mr. fox and his wife, or ash apologizing to kristofferson. it’s a tale about being stuck in your ways, about wanting to chase one last high, about life really. the animation is gorgeous even if the humans are a bit too uncanny valley for me, and i loved every minute of it. very very fun film.

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