First Cow

First Cow ★★★★


There Will Be Milk.  films about the tragic consequences of fully realised ambitions and those premature short lived ambitions too.  great double header.  the lack of human connection in TWWB (larger-than-life egocentric individualism running rampant) vs the abundance of human connection here (compassionate collectivism on a small naturalistic scale) despite the trying circumstances, feel like two very interesting downside/upside approaches to simply living or existing in a capitalist world which aims to suffocate your every move both financially and spiritually, and it quickly becomes an all-encompassing important thematic dichotomy to these plots of sacrifice, chance and greed.  where love and tenderness should be the things valued the most, and dependent on their inherent value, are treated differently in TWWB and First Cow, with dismissal and embrace respectively, but both with the same thesis.  love feeds the soul, anything else destroys it.  

here’s to those crushed hopes and ambitions in service of the american dream pursued by those around the world who dared to hope and dream a bit too hard in the face of a rigid status quo.  and here’s to the life-defining friendships made along this rocky road of false hope.  
who can and can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and who can live to tell the tale? they either kill you or your soul in the end.  system don’t work.  it never did.  

“to get started out here, you need capital. You need a miracle or…a crime” forever ever-green.  the word “crime” always strictly dictated by those permitted to commit them.

captures the feeling bittersweet like no other.

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