Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League

It's going to be difficult to only use words to (no pun intended) do justice to just how incredible Zack Snyder's Justice League is, but nonetheless I am going to try.

This is Snyder's masterpiece. In every way. Every single aspect of its existence from the film itself to what it stands for and how it came to be. At the heart of this film is love. The love of the fans is why this exists and Snyder's love of superheroes and filmmaking is why I found this 4 hour whopper to be one of the most rewarding, enjoyable and cinematic experiences I've had in a long time.

This is Snyder's catharsis following an unimaginable personal tragedy and the subsequent barbaric studio-lead dissection of his original vision. I couldn't have been more happy with how this directors cut turned out.

It is truly bursting at the seams with distinctive, unique and enjoyable filmmaking techniques. Whether that be the gorgeous 4:3 aspect ratio I was absolutely salivating over, the overwhelmingly cohesive and character-driven story that brought me to tears or the immense action that came close to leaving me foaming at the mouth; there is so much I adore about this film.

In simple terms, it felt like this was a comic-book movie tailor made for me. I love characters, I love action and I love emotion. Zack Snyder's Justice League felt like the ultimate culmination of all three of those factors and I was left speechless by the end.
There is also a big focus on relationships, with the two most poignant being the paternal bond between Ben Affleck's Batman and Ezra Miller's Flash and the romantic connection between Henry Cavill's Superman and Amy Adam's Lois Lane. The chemistry between these actors added a level of depth that I really admired and simply wasn't present in the past.

The real star of the show however is Ray Fisher's Cyborg. What on earth? The character was mediocre at best in Whedon's film but now all of a sudden he is one of the most captivating live-action superheroes in the history of comic-book movies! Oh my word! It's almost too much to take in! The gorgeous shots of Victor Stone exploring his own psychology after becoming Cyborg were mouth-opening. Snyder's use of slow-mo on the whole in fact is bodacious and brilliant in equal measure.
Ezra Miller also got his a brandspanking new extended sequence as Barry Allen and it is absolutely incredible! He seamlessly walks the line of being charming and bouncy without ever coming across as annoying, if that isn't a balancing act then I don't know what is!

Another character that was INFINITELY better this time round was Steppenwolf. A full 360 was made from absolutely abysmal all the way to pretty darn good. He gets some solid motivation and also looks 10x more dope visually.

Ben Affleck crushed it once again and was even more heartfelt as Bruce Wayne and continues to be my favourite portrayal of Batman. Gal Gadot is as good as ever and despite the Snyder cut mainly using her as an exposition machine, the intimate scene she shared with Bruce really blew my socks off.

I was interested to see just how well this film would fare critcally, and am delighted to see a lot of people enjoyed it just as much as I did. That's especially impressive considering the huge amounts of hype. Zack Snyder is by no means a director for everyone, and there are some films he's made that I didn’t particularly enjoy. But in terms of personal achievements, Mr. Snyder should be incredibly proud for standing-up and finishing what was rightfully his gig and even more so for meeting wild fan expectations. I am immensely impressed with the 4 hour epic and enjoyed every moment I spent watching it.

The existence of this film feels to me like a message transcribing that no matter how unlikely achieving a goal may appear, having faith in everything you do will result in nothing but good things. Bravo, Mr. Snyder!

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