Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

She's 5000 years old. Everyone's a younger guy.

The last 10 minutes were like “we’re already at 4 hours, just add it on, it’s fine.”

Does anyone else have a hard time remembering what the Wh*d*n cut was even about? I went to the LA premiere at the Dolby for that version but somehow it’s skipping my mind.

took a few breaks on my journey to finish this movie. first i passed out between part 4 and part 6 so i had to go back and rewatch what i missed. (to be fair, i recently got my covid vaccine so i’ve been a lil sleepy). it was a long movie, but i did it! i made it through to the end! idk if it was worth the time i spent, but i can say that i felt each of the characters had a proper intro in this version. i liked how Snyder split the film into parts, which gave my brain the feeling as if I was binge watching a miniseries vs watching a theatrical film and i think that really helped the viewing experience for me on an endurance level.

Ray Fisher (Cyborg) really did great. he’s got such an important integral role to the plot in this cut and good for him after everything he endured.

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